I’m a German writer and journalist with a name that is impossible to pronounce for English tongues, so please be content to just call me “Terry”, the main character of my first satirical novel. My brain contains the wildest array of views on various matters that I aim to spread to the English-speaking world because these sneaky memes force me to.

I believe that there are rational reasons for what I believe and I claim to represent Enlightenment ideas, but then again, everyone thinks that and most people are clearly wrong about it, even if only because they aren’t me.

An exclusive selection of my viewpoints shall be revealed below:

1.) Philosophical Materialism: I believe that, in the end, there really is nothing else but subatomic particles or whatever is even smaller than those, if there is something that is even smaller than subatomic particles, which I don’t know. This particular taste of materialism is called “reductive physicalism” and it is the most radical form of materialism that you can share without be a total nutjob.

2.) Secular humanism: I believe that the aim of ethics is the improvement of the well-being of conscious creatures, especially humans, without regard for supernatural considerations. In particular, I share a position called “ethical realism”, which means I believe in an objective basis of ethics. This, again, is the most radical form of secular humanism that you can share without being a total freak. In every case, the Enlightenment people of the 18th century believed something like this as well and they called it a “natural religion”. So, actually, I’m a religious person. Just without god and stuff.

3.) Liberalism: My political viewpoint. I think that liberal democracies, also known as “republics” or “parliamentary democracies” or “constitutional democracies”, should be spread everywhere and they should replace dictatorships worldwide.

A liberal democracy is kind of like the society on Naboo in Star Wars: Episode One – or like the society you probably live in. It is a marvelous place where people are free and where they have equal rights and equal opportunities and where power is seperated and democratically controlled. It is powered by a welfare generator called “marked economy”. It produces art, science, the Harry Potter movies and all sorts of fantastic things.

Liberal democracies are superior to every other type of society known to mankind, although, of course, there are various forms of liberal democracies and I don’t want to judge which one is best. In dicatorships, people are enslaved and they get tortured and killed for no good reason. Dictatorships are bad. I want them to be destroyed and the imprisoned people to be free, so that they can all go to McDonald’s and watch Star Wars: Episode One.

You can find out more about me, if you really must, on my German blog “Aufklärung 2.0“, which means “Enlightenment 2.0”, which proves that I really am as arrogant as you probably think I am by now.

If you feel the need to contact a superior being well beyond the imagination of mere mortals, feel free to use the following e-mail address: terry_rotter(at)arcor.de. Please do not abuse this opportunity to promote penis enlargement pills, which obviously – see the passage about my superiority – are quite unneccessary.


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