Sam Harris on The Moral Landscape

Philosopher Sam Harris sums up why he thinks that there are right and wrong answers to moral questions.

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3 Responses to Sam Harris on The Moral Landscape

  1. anon354352 says:

    I like listening to Sam Harris.

    But, why are there so few comments on this blog?
    I hope you have more readers, than people who write comments on here.

    My english is not that good, i try my best to speak the language this blog was designed for, but i think you get my question.

    • terryrotter says:

      This blog doesn’t have many readers, yet. I presently lack the time to write all too much for this blog, which is certainly one of the reasons.

  2. Speedy says:

    Harris’ position is not really convincing and very simplifying as ist is said in this review of the book:

    “Harris might be right that the best way to reach a “wider audience” is to sidestep difficult philosophical issues. But just how helpful to that wider audience can a book be that hides from the complexities of its subject, and misrepresents what it alleges to discuss by making genuinely difficult questions look straightforward and simple?”

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