…and the world will be free!

Yeah? And when would that be? Well, when I’m through with it.

I’m a neocon who wants all dictatorships ended and all mankind to live in liberal democracies. This should be pretty uncontroversial, at least pretty. Bad news: I’m also a “new atheist” who thinks that religion ist more of a bad thing than a good thing. Which obviously means that I’m worshipping satan.

I was and remain originally (during the times of the creation of the world by almighty evolution) a German journalist and writer who has achieved the highest degree of “get the fuck out of our country” even among my fellow secular humanists by expressing terrible opinions like that Ronald Reagan thankfully brought down communism and George W. Bush thankfully fought religious fanatics. Weirdly, my two favourite US-presidents were both evangelicals.

There are some things that you just cannot say in Germany. So I got myself a list of these things and said them all, or at least the ones I believe to be true like “guys, actually, Israel is not a fascist country at all”. That didn’t work out so well.

So I ended up here on the English speaking web. Which is fine. I never really liked my own country anyway. And they don’t like me either. It’s so sad, I would almost like to bomb Iran as a retribution for personal offenses directed against my infallible self. I also made up a few more convincing reasons for that.

To put matters short: I dedicate this blog to all our brave (well, your brave) soldiers who risk their lifes in an heroic effort to rid the world of thugs and dictators. I also dedicate it to myself because I’m so totally cool.

I shall be writing about all matters concerning how religion ist more of a bad thing and how the neocons are the good guys. I also shall be writing about science, about art and about all sorts of stuff that makes our free societies so much better than the unfree world.

Reason save us all!

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2 Responses to …and the world will be free!

  1. H. Lecter says:

    Es gibt mindestens zwei Leute in Dland, die Deine Artikel mögen (und das, ohne darauf zu spekulieren, daß Du Deine schreibe mögen könntest 😉

  2. ketam1n says:

    Lese ich deine Artikel halt auf Englisch 😉
    Aber eigentlich finde ich es Schade das du dich einfach zurück ziehst und die Realitätsverweigerer in Deutschland gewinnen lässt.

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