Capitalism is good

Every society is somewhat based upon greed, upon self-interest. Only free societies allow everyone to be greedy. Authoritarian societies serve the greed of only a few people. Continue reading

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Sam Harris on The Moral Landscape

Philosopher Sam Harris sums up why he thinks that there are right and wrong answers to moral questions.

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Amazing racist goes to a mosque

This guy is seriously nuts.

The KKK episode is even more insane:

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Punch those who disagree with you

Quite so. Now that’s the Christian message.

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Obama’s offensive presents to Britain

The Queen sells Obamas iPod on eBay. Yes, really.

The Queen sells Obamas iPod on eBay. Yes, really.

You know what’s crazy? That’s right. President Obama actually gave an iPod to the Queen of England. I’m not kidding. He really did this in April 2009. Continue reading

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Liberty for all

World revolution was a communist idea, which is the most common association with the term today. But it was also once the idea of the French revolutionaries.

What they wanted was a liberal democratic world revolution. Napoleon was to become the leading figure of a severely watered-down version of this revolution. The Napoleonic code was a true step ahead, other elements like the fact that Napoleon elected himself to be emperor, not so much. Continue reading

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Are there natural laws in politics?

To start with less ambition: Are there even facts in politics or are there just subjective fantasies? After years of debating the Iraq war issue with people who oppose it, I am more inclined to the view that in politics, like in religion, all that matters are subjective fantasies. Facts are recognized as such by almost no one from the respective outgroup. Especially in the case of leftys, as it seems to me. Every single counter-source I offered, no matter who wrote it, was considered to be untrustworthy by the people on the other side of the debate. The whole world is mad. No news there.

Politics is not actually even politics, it is a secular form of religion. And it is governed by six laws that are related to human nature. These shall be exposed here.

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Why Dawkins is wrong on politics

Dawkins in 2008, Photo by Shane Pope,

Richard Dawkins in 2008, Photo by Shane Pope,

Concerning evolution and religion, the popular British biologist Richard Dawkins is a significant thinker. Especially his magnum opus The Ancestor’s Tale is a true masterpiece. So, many secularists came to assume that, given he is so clever on science and religion, he must also be right on other matters.

Yet, at least concerning politics, Dawkins is dead wrong.  Continue reading

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Atheists are too arrogant

Well. I certainly wouldn’t have expected myself to write an article like this a few months back. Continue reading

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In defense of neoconservatism

Why are you a neocon, for Christ’s sake? Well, it’s not for Christ’s sake, to start with. Given that the neocons are the “evil” people who want to lead war on everyone for western dominance, it does seem to be a rather odd choice for someone who is not (yet?) a colonial administrator. Continue reading

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